My passion is to help people, improve their lives!


Psychology has always interested me.

Why do we get used to habits so quickly and it’s so hard to get rid of them? Why do we react differently to the same problems? Why do we live unhappy lives full of fears and doubts? How can we find happiness and peace?

✔️ I found answers to all these questions over my long journey.

✔️ I studied Positive Psychology including human thoughts, feelings and behaviour. I can help you focus on strengths instead of weaknesses.

✔️ I became a Life Coach, learning how to ask powerful questions, how to give incredible insight into life and human behaviour.

✔️ I am a qualified and fully certified Hypnotherapist, learning how to work with people’s subconscious mind.

✔️ I’m registered with:
- The General Hypnotherapy Register
- The National Guild of Hypnotists

✔️ I’m using different, unique techniques according to what the issues are.
Now I can help you achieve your goals, find peace and happiness, without bad habits and traumas.

Start a new happy life today!

Professional Development

Positive Psychology

The science and practise of improving
wellbeing, happiness, positivity, strengths
and flourishing life

Life Coaching

Life coaching is the process of moving you
from A to B - from your current situation
to achieving your targets.


Changes made in your subconscious
mind in a deep relaxation state
of mind.

Professional Development


I use different techniques depending on the issue and the client


I always put myself in my client’s shoes and I see the world from their perspective


I am honest with my clients and genuinely interested in helping them with their problems


I help my clients improve their outlook on life to see things more positively